The mission of the SMFOA is to provide a positive proactive voice of the members to work with the franchisor to promote the financial growth and stability of all our franchises.


We will work with our franchisor to grow the brand while maintaining the equity in the franchises and providing for the opportunity for financial growth within the franchise organization. We will work with our franchisor and our National Franchise Council to develop stronger, financially rewarding relationships with our customers, insurance partners and vendors that provide the products and equipment necessary to perform our services.


  • To honor God in all we do
  • To help people develop
  • To pursue excellence
  • To grow profitably


Just $160 in annual chapter dues covers SMFOA expenses. To show our appreciation, SMFOA extends a $100 discount to members participating in the Legal Fund, and we offer you the option to have your dues paid from your Legal Fund assessment. Help us bring more win/win victories and savings for all owners in the days ahead.

Our Board

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Distributor Reps


David Meyer : (804) 393 - 9989


George McBride : (864) 706-8656

IFA Rep – Clean & Restore

Bob Smith : (636) 926-2040

Board Leadership

President Michael Demeter

Vice President Jim Grant

Secretary Lawton Hayes

Treasurer Mike Mack

Franchisee Elected SMFOA Board

SMFOA Trustee: Michael Demeter

SMFOA Trustee: Charles Hoage

SMFOA Trustee: Chris Peterson


SRM Representative

Mike Mack

Business Services Representative

Chris McCall

Small Market Representative

Steve Stamper

SMFOA 1: West

SMFOA (1): Jim Grant, VP

SMFOA “At Large”: David Lazarus

SMFOA 2: Great Lakes

SMFOA (2): Bob Smith

SMFOA “At Large”: Dave Moore

SMFOA 3: Southeast

SMFOA (3): Lawton Hayes, Secretary

SMFOA “At Large”: Dave Evanosky

SMFOA 4: Northeast

SMFOA (4): Chris Close

SMFOA “At Large”: Richard Emery

SMFOA 5: North Central

SMFOA (5): Tim Egeler

SMFOA “At Large”: Greg Gandee

SMFOA 6: South Central

SMFOA (6): Bob Llorente