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Jerry Winkley, Owner & CEO

Put CEO Jerry Winkley’s decades of successful, first-hand experience selling and growing a profitable franchise to work growing your business.

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“…I would highly recommend Jerry being with involved with sales training.  He has a track record of successful teaching and development of CE Classes that I know myself, co-workers, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, and many others have learned and benefited from.

Joe Steffans, Business Owner
ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services

“…Jerry has been loyal to the ServiceMaster brand through good times and bad.  His caring attitude and integrity shines through.  I have observed him helping franchises all over the Midwest and beyond for decades.  As franchise neighbors, we worked together on projects from 50K to nearly 500K and I have always found him fair, professional and reasonable.  I owe a significant portion of my success in business to my friend and colleague, Jerry Winkley.  Jerry does not disappoint!

Tim Howell, Former Owner
ServiceMaster AAA

“…I would like to highly recommend Jerry Winkley as a continuing education instructor.  We have worked with Jerry for many years and our agents, adjustors and staff truly appreciates the work he puts into his classes to make them interesting and educational….Our agents and adjustors tell us that they use more information from our classes on a daily basis than any other in class training…”

Jennie Bowen, Marketing Director
ServiceMaster AAA

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Making Sales Work Within Every Level of Your Organization


Making sales work is an intentional process that delivers predictable results. Every person in your company is a sales person; their training and implementation determine whether they’re a good sales person or not.

Jerry’s training is based upon decades of experience and also enriched by years of observation of other businesses both good and bad. Jerry’s focus, making sales work is also intentional: profitable businesses require more than simply cutting costs, each requires a steady flow of new and repeat customers.

Jerry started his first business location by knocking on doors while walking through the snow. Although our times may have changed, sales principles remain timeless.

If you want to increase market penetration, build brand awareness, engage every employee in selling, and grow profitably, then don’t wait. Contact Jerry today more information.

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