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Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. is a leading franchise law firm. The attorneys at Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. provide franchisees and dealers with smart, strong, and experienced representation. They have helped franchisees and dealers:

  • Stop terminations and non-renewals
  • Win damages awards for fraud, breach of contract, and wrongful termination in the hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Get out of their franchises
  • Protect franchisees when their franchise systems got bought, sold, merged or spun off
  • Form groups and associations of franchisees to gain leverage over their franchisors
  • Prevent the franchisor or supplier from invading or encroaching on their territory
  • Win damages awards for violations of good faith and fair dealing


“The complaint Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. wrote for the court about how our franchisor defrauded us was as vivid as a suspense novel. His exceptional writing skills convinced anyone who read it of our cause. Not only did the court agree that we had been defrauded, but he convinced our state franchise agency to go after the franchisor, too.”

– Paul Amoruso,
former franchisee, Washington, D.C.

“We bought a franchise on the basis of claims that turned out to be totally untrue. Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. sued not only the franchisor, but also its owners and investors. [They] came up with mountains of evidence of the franchisor’s fraud. In the end, [they] got us a settlement that had the other side writing checks to us for years.”

– Keith D,
Former Franchisee

“When our supplier tried to refuse to renew our dealer agreement, Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. took charge and filed suit. The lawsuit stopped the non-renewal from going forward, and we were able to . . . work things out.”

– Chad Hall,
Algona Marine

“My wife and I were defrauded along with more than 45 other families by a fraudulent franchise model. Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. showed us we had rights . . . . The legal concepts and the frauds were extremely complex in nature. Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. sorted through them and presented a brilliant case in front of our arbitrator. [Michael] is an ultimate legal professional, and mapped out a winning strategy, from the exhibits to be used to expert witnesses. If you want the very best in franchisee representation, then go (run) to Michael Garner!!!”

– Kempton and Rosita Coady, Corporate,
Senior Executives, Franchise Owners, and Cornell MBAs.

I was devastated and hopelessly stuck. The franchise agreement I entered into was vague and did not protect my rights. The franchisor engaged in unscrupulous behavior damaging my business and other franchisees’ businesses. As a last ditch effort, a group of franchisees from New York and New Jersey, including me, went to Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. for help. From day one, Elliot Ginsburg treated us with care, worked very diligently towards a solution, and made himself available to address all of our needs. We felt protected. Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. supported us every step of the way. All of the franchisees were very happy with the outcome. Most importantly, justice was finally given its due and we couldn’t have done it without Garner & Ginsburg, P.A.
– Former wireless carrier franchisee



Protecting Franchisees and Dealers for More than 35 Years

Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. Is committed to helping each client achieve their legal goals in the quickest, most efficient way. As franchise attorneys, Garner & Ginsburg has helped franchisees recoup more cash than any other firm in the country — over $240 million from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Alamo/National Car Rental, Burger King and ServiceMaster Clean.


The firm is based in Minneapolis, and the attorneys represent franchisees across the country. Learn more about the representation available by completing an online contact form or by calling 866-602-1551.